I am indebted for information to the following people, listed in order of first contact, as well as several other people who prefer not to be mentioned here.

        o Mr. Pablo Saraví, Concertmaster of the Buenos Aires Philharmonic Orchestra, Argentina
        o Ms. Akiko Kose, Webmistress of The World Violinist Links, Japan
        o Mr. "Binwa", Webmaster of his Henryk Szeryng page (in Japanese), Japan
        o Mr. Jorgen Ohldin, Violinist, the Gothenburg Opera Orchestra, Sweden
        o Mr. David Delambre, Violinist, the Austin Symphony Orchestra, USA
        o Mr. Michael Isador, Pianist (See Discography and the photograph page), USA
        o Mr. Stephan Bultmann, Germany
        o Mr. Claudio Ferme, Brazil
        o Mr. Bert F. Koch, Germany
        o Mr. Peter Bay, Music Director of the Austin Symphony Orchestra, USA
        o Mr. Lucio Bruno-Videla, Conductor and musicologist, Argentina
        o Mr. Jean - Marc Harari, Conductor and musicologist, France
        o Ms. Waltraud Szeryng, Visit the official website for the life and work of Henryk Szeryng, Monaco

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